Greenways may serve as recreation areas as well as provide ecological habitats  for our native flora and fauna.

Partners on the Web

The following web sites offer further exploration for you to find additional information about Greenways and the functions they serve for the communities that support them.

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Walkable Communities
"Established in Florida in 1996, Walkable Communities was organized for the express purposes of helping whole communities, neighborhoods, business districts, parks, school districts, subdivisions, specific roadway corridors, etc. become more walkable and pedestrian friendly.”

Bike Miami Valley

Bike Miami Valley is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting, enabling and creating safe bicycling for recreation and transportation in the Miami Valley.

Miami Valley Trails

This is the South West Ohio's Rails-To-Trails Pages. On these pages you will find information about each of the RailTrails and other multi-use trails centered on Dayton and Xenia Ohio

Rails To Trails

The Clearinghouse, a project of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC), provides technical assistance, information resources and referrals to trail and greenway advocates and developers across the nation.


Aullwood Audubon Center & Farm

As an Audubon Center of the National Audubon Society, Aullwood is an environmental education center in western Ohio. Its goal is to promote the protection of birds, other wildlife, and the habitats on which they depend. Aullwood offers both children and adults the opportunity to experience and appreciate the world through experience-based education.

Caesars Creek Gorge Nature Preserve

Five Rivers Metro Parks

Glen Helen Nature Preserve

Comprised of 1,000 acres of forests, thickets, meadows and scenic rivers, the Glen Helen Nature Preserve is a sacred trust of Antioch College, and is truly a living laboratory for understanding what nature has to teach us. Its geological features include valleys†carved by glacial meltwater, ledges, cascades and the uniquely beautiful yellow springs.

Greene County Park District

With over 30 unique and beautiful parks, reserves and wetlands, totaling almost 2,000 acres,this park district offers educational programming and nature hikes; as well as recreation, leisure, wellness, and cultural arts activities.

John Bryan State Park

John Bryan, part of the Buck Creek/John Bryan State Park Region is the most scenic State Park in†western Ohio. The park contains a remarkable†limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami River,†which is designated as a state and national Scenic†River. A portion of the gorge itself is designated as a national natural landmark.

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