The Greenways of Greater Dayton providing a balance between human and natural activity.    

The Greenways of Greater Dayton

Situated in the Miami Valley, the Dayton, Ohio area is part of the largest hardwood forest in the world and is an important flyway for migrating birds. The Miami Valley has wetlands, river corridors, moist and dry woods, farmland, prairie, and important historical sites. Its ecosystems support endangered plants and unusual wildlife. 

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W-H Greenway --Wrenrick-Honey Creek Wetlands (formed)
(937) 849-0197
Email: lagenvted@
Click here for the W-H Greenway brochure PDF file
Click here for the W-H Greenway Map

B-W Greenway --Beavercreek- Wrenrick (formed)
The B-W Greenway strives to connect wetlands, protect surface and ground water, preserve farmland, and develop a "sense of place." 

Beaver Creek Wetlands Association  
(937) 320-9042)
The mission of the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association is to protect the wetland ecosystems in the Beaver Creek watershed through partnerships, community networks, and public education.

S-B Greenway --Sugarcreek- Beavercreek (formation meeting on July 25)
The Beavercreek-Sugarcreek Greenway has not yet been formed. The kickoff meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 25, at Kirkmont Presbyterian Church at 7 P.M. Please come!

C-S Greenway -- Crains Run- Sugarcreek
G-C Greenway-- Germantown- Crains Run
Y-G Greenway-- Sycamore- Germantown
E- Y Greenway -- Englewood- Sycamore
T- E Greenway- - Taylorsville- Englewood
H- T Greenway -- Honeycreek- Taylorswille
D-T Greenway-- Dayton- Taylorsville
D-W Greenway-- Dayton- Wrenrick
D- B Greenway-- Dayton - Beavercreek
D- S Greenway-- Dayton- Sugarcreek
D- C Greenway-- Dayton -Crains Run
D- Y Greenway-- Dayton- Sycamore
D- E Greenway-- Dayton- Englewood
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The Greenways of
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